Permanent Exhibitions

Traditional Fishing in Acadia

An exhibition that evokes the life of fishermen and fish plant workers in the region since the end of the 18th century. This exhibition is accompanied by a short film shot in 1947 by Father Morin on Lamèque Island about lobster and cod fishing.

Cousins – Cousines of Acadia

Discover this interactive computer-assisted exhibition. It recounts the amazing adventure of the Great Grant and the founding of Caraquet. The computer also allows you to follow the family tree of the 34 founding families of the first generation; to answer a quiz; and to open the treasure chest of the Musée Acadien de Caraquet!

Temporary Exhibitions

Every summer, the Musée acadien de Caraquet presents a temporary exhibition. The purpose of that exhibition is to make accessible to the public a part of its collection that is not usually showcased in a permanent exhibition.

Virtual Exhibitions

Here is a list of virtual exhibitions that are currently active.

Donations of objects

Investing doesn’t always have to be monetary. If you have objects that are likely to have historical or cultural value, perhaps you can entrust them to us? By bringing us your object, you allow the Museum to expand its collection but also ensure its conservation while giving it another life. Perhaps it will be part of a future exhibition, who knows…

Call us at 506 726-2682 in season or by email at

New acquisitions

Child's carriage

circa 1940, 20th century
Steel; rubber
Donation by Mme Laurette Albert

Random pictures from our archives

Random images from our archives

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